Steering Wheel Control Interface

A patented device which converts OE steering wheel audio control signals into formats used by aftermarket audio/video equipment. The device auto-detects both the vehicle and aftermarket device, it then maps the commands without the need for installer intervention. Fully customizable if desired. Nearly one million units sold to date.


Automotive DSP

This product eases the installation of aftermarket amplifiers and speakers and is compatible with both OE and aftermarket head units. Provides CAN integration, crossovers, multi-band EQ, delay compensation, chime handling, amp control, and is configurable with Android and iOS apps developed in-house. Interface is through Bluetooth. Patents are pending.


Multi Protocol Sniffer

A small and inexpensive sniffer and frame generator compatible with CAN, SWCAN, J1850, LIN, IE Bus, RS485, and UART. USB interface. Can be used for development purposes and “keep alives” for equipment service.


FDNY Recorder Controller

We have developed a supervisory circuit for radio recorders used in FDNY vehicles, intended to keep an audio record of emergency events. The product is microcontroller-based and can monitor, log error conditions, and restart recorders as necessary.